What's Tsukuba-Don

牛丼 Gyu-Don, かつ丼 Katu-Don, 親子丼 Oyako-Don...
There are many delicious Dons in Japan...

We don't have 'Tsukuba-Don', RIGHT?

Hello! We are WeM, organized by students of Tsukuba University to promote this Tsukuba-Don project.
By having this recipe contest and making Tsukuba-Don, we are aiming to make a new food culture in Tsukuba.
A food that you can eat all over Tsukuba and loved by Tsukubalian... if there were such food, wouldn’t be fantastic?
Let’s make a new wave in Tsukuba together!
丼’t You Join Us?

What's WeM

WeM is a group organized by Tsukuba University students for promoting this Tsukuba-Don project.
11 staff is working now, mainly senior students also including graduated students and exchanged students.
We also want to exchange food culture differences between other countries through this event.



We are always dreaming of the bottomless future of Tsukuba-Don


Hoping to contact with many people and to make a big circle through this event


Through this project, we are hoping to make a big wave inside Tsukuba city and hope this will activate Tsukuba moreover

Staff Needed

Also, we are collecting staff for the contest and the festival! We’ll go out for having fun, too.
People who are interested in recipe contests or Japanese food culture or JUST doing something FUN are welcomed!!
丼’t You Join Us? Contact us NOW!!

Contact: imi*298don.com (Please change * to @)

What's Tsukuba-Don

What's Tsukuba-Don
What's WeM
Staff Needed